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WK disc tailings recovery machine

Large processing capacity, high recovery rate and low water consumption.

Working principle: disc tailings recovery machine is composed of five parts: main engine, unloading device, ore collecting groove, chute and frame. The working principle is that the host disk is installed in the chute, the pulp from one end of the chute into, and through the gap between the disk and the disk, the magnetic minerals in the pulp is adsorbed on the disk surface, the rest of the non-magnetic pulp from the other end of the chute out. The host disk rotates, and the magnetic minerals adsorbed on the disk surface are taken out of the ore slurry level. When entering the unloading mining area, the magnetic minerals adsorbed on the magnetic surface are thrown into the collecting groove by the unloading device inserted between the disk gaps, and collected and output by the collecting groove.
Equipment features:
1. Large processing capacity, high recovery rate and low water consumption.
The depth of magnetic field around the disk is as high as. High field strength, large gradient, compared with other similar products used in the field recovery is 2-3 times of its.
2, easy unloading, magnetic block does not wear.
The use of mobile magnetic field technology, suction ore powder under the action of water impulse, with the help of mobile magnetic field magnetic force, ore powder automatically gather near the outer edge of the disk, because the outer edge of the disk is the same magnetic (N or S), in accordance with the principle of magnetic field with repulsion, the scraper is easy to scrape it and leave a protective layer on the magnetic surface.
3, simple structure, small energy consumption
Using ordinary cycloid reducer, no complex speed control system and complex induction disk unloading device, compared with similar products energy saving 5%-25%, optimize the mechanical structure, overcome the disk from the top of the discharge caused by loose, string shaft and other disadvantages. During the operation of the equipment, there is no need to consider mechanical failure except adding lubricating oil regularly and replacing hanging material rubber plate.
4. Long service life
Because this machine adopts Ndfeb as magnetic source, it overcomes the disadvantages of traditional recycling machine, such as non-corrosion resistance, non-high temperature resistance, easy oxidation and quick magnetic attenuation. Our company's scientific research personnel carefully developed, repeated tests, the success of the strong magnetic block protection treatment, can significantly extend the service life.
My factory production tailings recovery machine disk diameter has φ1200, φ1500, φ1700 three kinds; Users can choose appropriate processing capacity, magnet powder grade of tailings and installation space according to their needs.

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